Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lawyer hits anti-Duterte: "You invented heroes to promote your interests, to hide your crimes and to enslave us in ignorance."

Attorney Trixie Cruz-Angeles closes the month of February with a powerful post on her Facebook page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles explaining how the Duterte administration is putting to an end the apparent power-tripping of the Aquinos back then and the current events that serve as an eye-opener to the Aquino supporters of their failed idea of democracy.

Angeles emphasized that this is just not about Duterte. She explains the sad truth that our country has been perpetually experiencing – the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. In fact, if we recall history, we can see that the Aquinos gained so much dominion over the country but clearly did it for their own benefit and not for the Filipino masses. This political dynasty of the Aquinos worsened the social stratification of the country because as long as the poor stays at the bottom, they too will forever be silenced by the people on top. 

Fear not, this age of Duterte now surely serves as a punishment for the people who monopolize and abuse their power to stay on top. We’ll all together watch their world crumble as we embrace with open arms the true meaning of empowerment.


In Angeles’ full post on Facebook, she said:

"And so here we are on the last day of February and once again, those seeking past glory have failed to sell to us their idea of democracy.

They fail to understand, this is not just about Rodrigo Duterte. It is about those of us, forever on the fringes, the poor, the forgotten, the middle class damned to an eternity of being on the outside dreaming of better lives, and always relegated to the footnotes of history.
This is about family names, and land, and money and making all of that on the backs of nameless people who pay taxes when they so much toss a few centavos to buy a candy mint. This is about those who cannot buy their influence, cannot smile their way out of a jail cell, cannot move people to change laws to benefit them. 

This is about those with records of wrong doing and about those who look down on them not because of their guilt. But because these so called wrong doers were so unfortunate to not have the kind of family name that would have bought a ticket to exoneration. Or the kind of money that only enormous unreported crimes can bring.

This is about the monopoly of opportunity dispensed by political overlords who held a stranglehold on governance for well over a hundred years. I note, every opportunity I get, that Servillano Aquino, Noynoy's great grandfather served in Emilio Aguinaldo's cabinet, and an Aquino has held a national position in nearly every administration, ever since. Yes, even during the Marcos years, when Benigno Jr. was a senator.

This Age of Duterte will be their comeuppance. We have turned their world upside down, where their lies no longer gain a foothold, and we can now see things without the lenses of their money colored frames.

Do not talk to me of heroes. You invented heroes to promote your interests, to hide your crimes and to enslave us in ignorance. And now, your world is crumbling.

So yes, I understand your attacks, your deliberate soiling of the people in our ranks, people who dare to chip away at your carefully constructed deceits. But you will not win. You have been ruthless, efficient. But we are legion.

Goodbye February. March begins tomorrow, the season of empowerment."