Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Russia Intelligence reveals De Lima`s links with guy Philippe, ex-Haitian rebel leader arrested on drug-trafficking charges

MOSCOW – The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation says it outfit is in possession of details of connections between Leila de Lima and Guy Philippe, an ex-Haitian rebel leader Guy Philippe who has was arrested last Thursday on drug-trafficking charges.

It took the United States and Haiti 12 years and 10 attempts to arrest ex-Haiti rebel leader Philippe.
A 2002 photo shows Guy Philippe (far left), one of the rebel leaders of the Resistance Front, in Gonaives after an armed revolt. Peter Andrew Bosch Herald files

According to the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, their outfit did not want to interfere with legal matters in the Philippines but recent interference from the European Parliament has compelled them to release files that may “shut them down”.
“We have documents, conversations, transactions that shows that these two have had dealings” – the Intelligence Service said in a statement. “We would forward them to the courts for the necessary examination” – the statement added.

Guy Philippe, despite the repeated attempts to arrest him, prosecutors said, Philippe would “personally reach out to various agents” over the past decade to discuss the terms of his possible surrender to U.S. authorities. His former Miami attorney even tried to negotiate a lenient sentence of less than three years, and his wife inquired about where he might be imprisoned, according to court papers filed by federal prosecutors this month.
SOURCE : jessi2