Sunday, October 29, 2017

Jed Mabilog hindi naka porma kay Pres. Duterte, Tinanggalan ng kapangyarihan

Office of the Ombudsman dismissed Jed Patrick Mabilog as the mayor of Iloilo City.

In a 13-page decision penned by Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer II Rachel Cariaga-Favila on Aug 29, 2017, the Ombudsman found Mabilog guilty of ‘serious dishonesty relative to unlawful acquisition of wealth’
The Ombudsman also ruled that Mabilog cannot run to any other public office and he’s now ineligible to receive retirement benefits from the government.

The decision was approved by Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor H. Carandang on October 6, 2017.

Former Iloilo provincial administrator Manuel Mejorada filed the ‘plunder, dishonesty, grave miscounduct and perjury’ case on 2015 against Mabilog.

According to the complaint of Mejorada, the wealth of Mabilog suddenly increased by ₱50-M when he became the Mayor of Iloilo City.

Majorada also added that the Mabilog did not disclose his exact net worth in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) on 2014.

He questioned how Mabilog gained so much wealth and built a luxury mansion beside the Iloilo river despite of just being the City Mayor of Iloilo and only having small businesses.

The former Provincial administration pointed out that Mabilog failed to explain in his SALN where did he get the money that used to build his mansion.

The house of Mabilog also gained the attention of President Rodrigo Duterte and described it as ‘like a palace’

As of writing, Jed Mabilog who’s still on a sick leave is not yet releasing a statement on the latest ruling of the Ombudsman against him.

Yesterday, President Rodrigo Duterte warned Mabilog that he’s the next target of the current administration because of his alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

“The mayor of Iloilo City, I identified him, I said: You’re next, you’re next,” Duterte said in a speech during the commemorative session and concert program of the Association of Southeast Asean Nations Law Association (ALA) in Malacañang. Last week, a bag man of Berya Drug group implicated Mabilog as one of the top illegal drug protector in Visayas.

He claimed Mabilog was a drug protector of late Melvin Odicta Sr., head of the Odicta group.

 SOURCE:  Bombo Radyo, PTV4